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Optical Mirage - Limited Edition Original

*Pricing varies depending on size requested starting from 35x35 inches to 59x59 inches

In this artwork crafted from my photography of Joshua Tree National Park, I aim to encapsulate the surreal beauty and diverse landscapes that define this iconic desert wilderness. The collage weaves together a tapestry of images capturing the park's distinctive Joshua trees, rugged rock formations, and expansive vistas. Each photograph, carefully selected and arranged, contributes to a visual narrative that transcends the boundaries of time and space, showcasing the park's unique blend of tranquility and otherworldly allure. The layered composition reflects the park's multifaceted character, where stark desert scenery meets ethereal sunsets, and ancient geological formations. Through this collage, I invite viewers to experience the essence of Joshua Tree National Park, its untamed beauty, and the profound connection between the natural elements that make it a truly captivating and spiritually rejuvenating destination.

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