The Artist

Throughout my life, I have embraced various art forms, showcasing my diverse artistic talents. From an early age, I immersed myself in dancing, acting, singing, writing, and many visual art forms. Always seeking creative outlets to express myself.

In recent years, I have delved into the realm of digital artwork, combining my fascination with symmentrical expression and my passion for photography to create captivating mandalas. Initially, I embarked on this artistic journey by utilizing photographs of currency, capturing the intricate details and symbolism embedded within monetary notes. Additionally, I explored the beauty and delicacy of the female physique, capturing intimate portraits that celebrate the human form. To add a touch of nostalgia and intrigue, I also incorporated vintage photos of renowned icons that I acquired for this purpose.

More recently, my focus has shifted towards incorporating my travel photography into my mandalas. Through my lens, I capture the breathtaking landscapes and captivating moments encountered during my travels, infusing them with the harmonious patterns and intricate therapeutic geometry of mandalas. This ongoing exploration and evolution of my artistic practice have allowed me to continuously push the boundaries of my creativity. With each new endeavor, I strive to create artwork that captivates and engages viewers, offering them a unique perspective of the world around us.  

As I continue on my artistic journey, I am excited to see how my diverse experiences and interests will continue to shape and inspire my creations. I am driven by a desire to share my unique vision and passion for art with others, inviting them to embark on a visual and introspective voyage through my creations.

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