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Norma Jean - Limited Edition Original

First Edition 44x44" Printed on 7 layers of aluminum - Message for inquiry

Second and Third Editions available for order.

*Pricing varies depending on size requested starting from 35x35 inches to 59x59 inches

In this artwork, I embark on a visual exploration of the transformative journey from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe. The mandala serves as a symbolic representation of the layers and evolution of identity, capturing the essence of this iconic transition. Utilizing intricate patterns and delicate details, the outer circles of the mandala depict the early life of Norma Jean, marked by innocence and simplicity. As the eye moves toward the center, the imagery becomes more complex, mirroring the complexities of Marilyn Monroe's persona. The center of the mandala features Marilyn's unmistakable silhouette, radiating confidence and allure. The mandala becomes a meditation on the duality of identity, inviting viewers to reflect on the layers of transformation and the enduring legacy of Marilyn Monroe in popular culture.



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