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Unalienable Rights - Domenica Rossi Original

*Pricing varies depending on size requested starting from 35x35 inches to 59x59 inches

In my photography, I undertake a unique artistic endeavor by fashioning a mandala from the distinctive imagery of the US two-dollar bill. Through a meticulous arrangement of the bill's elements, the mandala emerges as a captivating fusion of currency and sacred geometry. The dual portrait featuring Thomas Jefferson and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, combined with intricate patterns, converges into a harmonious and visually intriguing composition. This transformation encourages viewers to engage with the symbolic nuances embedded in the two-dollar bill, prompting contemplation on historical significance, value, and the interconnectedness between art and currency. The resulting mandala becomes a captivating exploration of the aesthetic potential hidden within everyday monetary symbols, inviting observers to appreciate the convergence of artistic expression and monetary history.