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*Pricing varies depending on size requested starting from 35x35 inches to 59x59 inches

My artwork celebrating Audrey Hepburn's illustrious career serves as a visual homage to the timeless elegance and remarkable achievements of this iconic actress. Aimed to encapsulate key moments in her career, from her breakthrough role in "Roman Holiday" to the enduring charm of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The collage becomes a narrative of Hepburn's evolution as an actress, showcasing her versatility in portraying a range of characters with grace and authenticity. Whether capturing the innocence of "Sabrina" or the poignancy of "My Fair Lady," the artwork invites viewers to journey through Hepburn's cinematic milestones, exploring her impact on fashion, film, and humanitarian efforts. Through a careful composition of images, the artwork seeks to evoke the timeless glamour and enduring legacy of Audrey Hepburn, inviting admirers to reflect on the indelible mark she left on the world of entertainment and beyond.


Always a Lady - Original

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